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How we work

Clicco Tech Advertising specializes in making digital footprints, be it in the form of a website or a marketing campaign, we do it all. We do everything right from setting up a brand’s digital presence to analyzing their leads for them.


Meet up and Gather Requirements

First, we will schedule a meeting with you to gather all your requirements.


Analyze and Set Target Audience

Next we will analyze your product, competition & set a target audience, budget & your campaigns.


Increased Sales with Analytics

As the results start to show up, we will do continuous analytics and reporting to optimize them.


Some of your questions about marketing and how we can help, answered in simple terms for a better understanding.

We are located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai but we cater to locations all over the world.

We don’t believe in a fixed price since each product has a unique way of marketing, but we guarantee that our prices will be one of the lowest in the market. Please get in touch with our team to get yours.

Every product has it’s pros and cons and we believe that if yours has got the potential, then yes, it will surely boom in the market.

Our core strengths are the years of experience we have attained, by spending lakhs into adverts and gaining the network & certifications of marketing giants like Google and Facebook.

We are spanned over multiple industries, with Real Estate being a major part of our clientele. We also serve textile, food and education industries.

We ensure that a continuous analysis goes on for any marketing service you take. We provide analytics and result reports every other week to ensure that no opportunity to increase your business is missed.

There is only one thing that drives the sales of any business and that is a customer. From our services, we ensure that your products reach out to every potential customer.

Automation guarantees ZERO delay in responses and error chances, ensuring guaranteed success in your marketing services. By leveraging the latest technologies, we make this process smoother and simpler for all.

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