Real Estate Marketing Strategy In Navi Mumbai

As we are living in the era of the digital world, the scenario of searching property has changed from traditional methodologies to online one. Many builders, developers and agents have already been on the verge of bringing their business online.Digital Marketing has revolutionized the real estate industry in a significant way.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy Mumbai

Nowadays buyers have matured enough and have been actively doing online research before making their final purchase. Since they are searching for best builders, brokers, channel partners, projects, Digital Marketing has become more lucrative for the Real Estate industry

How the internet has changed the scenario in-home search

Real Estate Marketing Strategy Navi Mumbai

The latest trends have shown that builders, developers and agents must have an online presence.if you are not present online you are losing a major chunk of your potential customers.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy – A Step By Step Approach

Branding Building In Real Estate Marketing Navi Mumbai

The first step for brand building in real estate advertising is creating an online presence. To do so builders, developers and agents must focus on the following things.

  1. Creating a brand website

The website helps you showcase your portfolio and categorise all your projects into ongoing, completed projects and upcoming projects. Since it will showcase everything, a home buyer could easily explore about your project and might drop an enquiry for site visits.

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO will help your website rank in google search result so that if someone will search for your property or project on google, your website will get shown in google search result pages.

  1. Blog Writing

Real estate has tons of information which needs to be conveyed to home buyers and blogging is the best way to pass on all that information in a  fun and interactive way. A blog can have topics like a future development, project connectivity, buyers guidelines, legal process, documentation on their website.

The same blog content should be shared through many social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn etc.

Acquiring Customers

Just being online won’t be helpful if potential home buyers are not aware of your projects. Builders, developers and Channel Partner / Agents heavily depend on real estate lead generation. In such a case, digital marketing offers the easiest way to generate quality lead which eventually helps developers boost their sales.

Here are a few methods to achieve the best quality real estate leads.

  1. Advertising

Advertising online is one the quickest way to ensure you are reaching your potential customers. We can perform the advertisement on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and more.It is one of the best effective method for real estate marketing.

  1. Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the strategy by which business build a relationship with clients and customers with the intent of creating awareness & brand loyalty.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy Mumbai
  1. Facebook engagement
  • Regular post related to property updates
  • Keep sharing the images of Amenities, Building elevation and project video walk-through.
  • Posting location advantage and property connectivity
  • Festival season offer post
  1. YouTube engagement
  • Create a walkthrough video
  • Showcase interior of sample flats
  • Homebuyers review 
  • Live streaming property event
  • Virtual tour of projects
  1. Chat bots

Chatbot has become a most popular engaging tool to connect with potential customers.

Chatbots allow builders, developers and agencies to interact with their customers directly, obtain useful information from them and even guide them towards making a purchase. In conclusion, you being a real estate businessman can’t afford to ignore the chatbot and it is most effective engaging factor in real estate marketing strategy.

  • Interact with the customer directly
  • Answer the customer queries
  • Increase sale
  • Understand customers requirement 
  • Increase in customers engagement
  • Best user experience

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