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The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Methods In 2021

It’s time to explore how to use digital marketing techniques to gain new clients and grow your real estate firm in the new year 2021.

Real Estate Lead Generation Navi Mumbai

Are you ready to take your real estate agency to the next level in 2021? it’s time for agents, builders and channel partners to begin making plans in order to stand out from their competition and gain next level of sales. Fortunately, there are many methods for real estate lead generation in 2021. Some of hand picked methods are as follows.

Google Search Ads

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Search ads lead generation involves using keyword research to determine what your target market is looking for when they go online. You then use these keywords to create search ads campaigns. When a potential client see your ads & clicks on it, It will take them to your landing page on your website, and you are charged for the click. PPC campaigns can be highly effective real estate lead generation services, but they can also get costly. To make sure you are effectively using money , you need to work with a marketing company that can help you identify your ideal customers.

Social Media Marketing

Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

91% of realtors are already using social, but very few know how to transform their posts into a vehicle for social selling. The issue isn’t in the inability for social platforms to cultivate interest and build pipeline, but in that most real estate professionals aren’t optimizing their social efforts to align with the changing landscape.

In fact, the real estate industry currently ranks lowest for social media engagements, averaging at around 45% interactions every week.

  • Facebook Posting : Initially we need to do regular posting with relevant content to generate leads organically. We must have a kind of scheduled post related real estate project updates, client testimonial etc. to get things updated.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads: It’s really the most effective way to generate target leads based on interest , demographics and behavioral. When it comes to budget range below 50 lakh, this platform works well at cost effective ways.
  • Private groups: Facebook groups are becoming more and more popular, and they are just one more way to engage with your target market. Invite past, current, and prospective clients to join your group and start conversations that increase your value and keep your group members talking. 

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