#1 Rated CRM for real estate business, With ZERO wastage of leads

Clicco is a Zoho CRM official partner that offers full integration with a variety of third-party apps. With Canvas, you’ll be able to customize the CRM’s user interface to meet your specific needs and preferences. This can be accomplished without writing a single line of code.

Maximize Sales With CRM

Improved Sales.Lasting Relationships.Faster Growth.

Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

Zero Lead Wastage

CRM can assist you in reducing lead waste by allowing you to establish tasks and follow up on specific dates and times.
Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

More Site Visit

In CRM, you can’t forget about a task or a lead follow-up, which helps you boost the number of site visits for any project.
Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

Higher Revenue

With a high level of forecasting accuracy, you may be able to close more deals or sell more products, allowing you to increase your revenue.
Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

Live Lead Notification

You may make calls and send messages as soon as fresh leads arrive with real-time lead notification.
Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

Automate Activities

Integrate a third-party application to receive real-time notifications, make automatic calls, and send messages across many platforms.
Clicco Tech Advertising OPC Pvt Ltd

Sales Reporting

Make rapid data-driven reports to assist you in evaluating sales performance.

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